Welcome to the Table

good morning. you have found me, Kameron Cole, at my most vulnerable. I have made the choice to expose my thoughts and opinions to the public, and here they are – my ideas, my babies, my frustrations, my creations?

now, who are you? friend or foe? this is not for me to choose, per our agreement – the agreement mentioned above, that you are the public, and I have chosen to expose. I here now extend our agreement: I choose to share my ideas and my thoughts. sharing is tacit caring. it means I have something of value – of course, I have made the valuation: you may not like my lutefisk – but I open my container, and make a gesture of offering.

I’m getting at the nature of my view on putting it out there: I think that unwittingly applying the rules (or absolute lack thereof) of consumerism to the presentation of one’s own ideas has devalued the quality of contemplation: think before you respond. maybe, don’t respond, at least outwardly! when you view a painting of Van Gogh, do you call him? do you write your immediate impressions on the surface of his painting? or, do you write your impressions in a song? or, do you carry your impressions with, as part of a newly painted visual template, which you apply the next time you see something, anything, when in your mind you say, “that reminds me of that Van Gogh painting.”

because I am exposed. because I am sharing. these set the stage for your decorum. I am not Van Gogh. perhaps there is a cut off point, based on your valuation of a person’s level of artistry, and hence, worth, that gives you the right to use this as a forum, instead of a chapel.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Table

  1. Gordon Thomas says:

    Please don’t cut off your ear

    • princemyshkin says:

      so funny, coming from you. “welcome to the table” is a quite from one of Seth’s earliest songs – it was a trance mixtape that he an Chloe did in like 1998?

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