darn! I wanted this movie to be really good! darn it!

but I am not hating – I actually feel kind of paternal toward whoever the writer was – some 26-year-old probably.  had that feel of the “noble enterprise” to it.  guy wants to write that epic screenplay.

the previews cried out “creepy Satan movie”.  had the old lady crawling on the ceiling like some  kind of bat-rodent. love that. and, actually, that scene in the movie was just what was advertised the old lady eats bloody meat, crawling with maggots, and says “your fucking baby is going to burn.”  that’s the right stuff!

but then “that movie” is over. onto the epic movie of all times, the movie about Armageddon and the Bible and wasted vs. useful lives.  The Grapes of Wrath, written by somebody who just read (yesterday, in Cliff Notes) “Paradise Lost.”  Or, at least the title of that book, or the other one. Or the Bible.

Because then we go into “dialogues” and “character sketches” for almost the rest of the movie.  we get only like two more creepy scenes – and they’re pretty good.  Great imagery-references to Beelzebub and “lord of flies”.

Ok.  there are 3 archangels, not 2.  Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. You can’t just show tow archangels, kid!  This is what we call “integrity” in art. Everything fits together.  Imagine my new movie with the “2 Stooges”!

Angel Alphabet – I guess.  Did the guy really know about the Angel Alphabet, or were those tattoos from Ja-Heim?

And the “good kid” – the one who inherits the sacred symbols and protects the second savior (I guess…don’t really know that story or even if there is such a story.  I mean, we have the Antichrist, which requires a second virgin birth. but nowhere do we think that Savior 2 will be born.  It’s the same guy, Jesus, again!). Anyway, can’t stand that guy’s dumb-honest look for such long screen shots!

All in all, the problem, once again, is the writer’s strike.  Apparently, it had the effect of installing low-paid post-teen writers for even the high price films. Crap! Bad writing ruins another good idea!


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