Germans continues to speak German; French Canadians are not French, they speak French

English is most creatively applied by hip hoppers, and it should be handed over to them. The language will grow. Hip hop will nurture the English language like Shakespeare did.
Shakespeare was probably not a real person. C’mon. Just listen to the name: shake spear. Its for sure a hip hop collective that fronted as some kind of imaginary playwright.
Of course I expect you to make the appropriate conscious transitions to let this notion happen in your brain. We all have a responsibility to use our brains a lot.
Pretty soon, we will lose all contact with California. Everybody in Cali will “misplace” their cell phones and their car keys because they will be fogged in. All calls to California will be forwarded to an automated answering service. As Bob Dylan once said to me, in a song, “when you hear the beep, it will be 3 o’clock.”
Spanish is the real Esperanto. Start now, and you will be able to communicate in the 21st century.


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