US-Canada border control is over the top

It’s pretty silly. You know, the people themselves are silly. We citizens of the world are silly. Childish.
We act as though someone is directing us, as though we are following a widely accepted, universal rule book. But we are not. We are just abdicating.
It goes back to childhood – when our parents wanted to be ‘serious’ they spoke in a stern or loud voice. As though the tone of voice actually has the effect of making a situation serious… This is a childish notion. Like the “weirding voice” from Dune. If the plane is hurling towards the earth and you are talking like a silly goose, will that make the plane crash really really hard?
And then there’s the real issue – for all the precautions that are taken, known terrorists book flights over the Pentagon using the same frequent flyer number, and we don’t notice. Escaped convicts board a plane in LAX without a boarding pass.
Security will only ever happen when the human race decides to grow the fuck up. When I can trust you as an adult to think about the general good. Until then, we might as well just let it all happen.


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