“crucificarlo!”  good phrase to know in many languages.



it used to be “I love you.”

“Ich liebe dich.”

“J’ t’aime.”

now, there are so many more opportunities to assemble as a mob, and condemn someone to death.  just makes sense.  think of how many times in a day you, or someone you know, throws out that dagger of total condemnation, without any desire to try to investigate the situation or the person.

heck, it’s pretty much question #9 on the  drivers’ ed exam!  “what do you do if a guy cuts you off, and he’s from Boston?”

“Kreuzige ihn!”

and then republicans and democrats are crucifying everything! everyone!

“Hey, man!  Crucify You!”

“You too, buddy!”

“Hey, pal! I got your cross right here!”


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