why does it always stop

why does it always stop with music? isn’t Riker’s Island infinitely more powerful as a symphony? Could Mahler have even come close to expressing the death, the anger, hatred, the languor, the longing, the rocks, the sea? no. men and women created this magnificent masterpiece of damnation.


why does is always end at Revelation 22:20? didn’t Martin Luther King contribute a chapter to the Bible (“the Books”)? Isn’t the Civil War (my Civil War and your Civil War) a part of the Old Testament? The Bible was written by men and women, simply by their living in conjunction with a Greater Consciousness.

why does it always end at the edge of the canvas? doesn’t blood on the floor count? didn’t you spill something out of your heart just now, there, next to the still life of your child’s grave? isn’t that a tear stain on the sky? just what do you call “paint”?


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