Ira Glass – breaks it down

Ira Glass. your best friend. apparently.

you trust him, right?

he has along infomercial on NPR these days. fucking clever, that one! he tells us the 9 out of 10 public radio  listeners do not contribute to public radio.

then he goes balls out funny! he makes this stunning comparison between the financial model of listener support for public radio, and the operations budget of public radio. but see, he makes it totally funny!

he calls the local phone service, and proposes to them that they give American Public Radio 10 phone accounts for the price of only 1. and they say “no”. and then there’s this dialog.

finally, once we got the point, he admonishes us for being so irresponsibly negligent in our duty to support the one, the only, PUBLIC RADIO corporation in our country.

this is usually called moralistic, guilt trip, horse shit, in Iowa, where I was born an (partly) raised.

my only point is, “public” radio is yet another one of those illusions we’re not aware of. it can in no way be something like a non-partisan, unmitigated, “true” source of objective reporting, without opinion. instead, it’s the sleep-gun of the Orwellian Knights of mono-(a-)theism.  I mean, sorry, but there’s only ONE station. that, lads and lassies, would be suspect in any true leftists book.  how to you enact checks and balances on a machine that is the sole machine that does what that machine does?

and, the funniest thing to me was, after his Ross Perot-like infomercial, there was a sponsorship tag, citing Walmart Foundation as the sponsor for this morning’s Morning Edition.

So, Ira, is APR, or NPR, or whatever it is, really listener-supported?


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