love is art

in “Gigi,” Aunt Alycia says “Love … is a thing of beauty, like a work of Art. And like a work of Art, it is created by artists. The greater the artist, the greater the Art.” The Marchesa Casati once said “I want to be a living work of Art!” So, how do YOU make your life a work of Art? How do you make Love in your life a work of Art?

oh, that old question…don’t think Gig and Marchesa Casati were the only two to suggest it.

if you agree that art is not creation, but transformation, through work, of one thing into another, by the artist, then love is a transformed re-creation of something (don’t know what that is – perhaps it could lit be “any thing”) into a work of art.

although many artists mistakenly take ownership of this, they were in fact, only the transformers. so, love does not belong to the transformer;

however, it will take on the likeness and image of the transformer.

like having children – they look and act like both people, but they are not the possession of both people.

further, they have some quality which comes from neither parent – that is the “original” – the thing that was transformed.


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