Canada border

I’ve complained about this before. Getting into Canada for perfectly legitimate reasons is difficult. In fact, I am going to re-up my previous vote that Canada Customs and Immigration is the worst in the world. And I’ve been to the world before.

It’s worse than the United States, which by all rights should be the worst.

By worst I mean something not so profound something like crazy inefficient, in the name of efficiency. When you walk into Customs hall and see that it is completely packed with people – every time I come to Canada – it is valid to wonder if there isn’t some obvious improvement they couldn’t make. Because it’s not more populated than say, Berlin, or more dangerous, or more prone to attract illegal border activity. So why the Disneyworld lines?

And then there is the questioning procedure. I read that at least 1/3 of connecting flights are missed due to this questioning.

So, do the United States and Canada simply have such great treasures – in such abundance and of such higher value than any other country? Of is minimum wage not attracting the highest grade personnel?

O, ‘sti!


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