Choice is the only right

The only right you have is the right to choose. You always had it. No one gave it to you. No one can take it away. The freedom to choose is in-born, inalienable. Some people might call this free will.
But that confuses the issue. People don’t associate their political freedoms, or even personal freedoms with free will, the freedom to choose.
If I said the Bill of Rights is bullshit, the United States Constitution is bullshit, people would be indignant. They would say that people died to give us those rights. I would say, poor stupid bastards. Their deaths didn’t give me anything I didn’t already had. They died to prove their belief in themselves, their belief in the freedom to choose. And they proved it mostly to themselves.

Because it’s only ever a personal thing – between you and yourself, or you and your God.

Jesus didn’t choose to die. He chose to speak his truth. Death was the consequence only. The message of Jesus was not martyrdom. It was freedom. And the Cross is the cost.


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