go gently into gentrificatioin

Gentrification. Pretty clearly, the White Man’s Manifest Destiny. And in Miami, the White Man includes the affluent Cubans and Colombians – just so no one feels left out.

The funny thing is, the only people that would take offense at that statement are, indeed, the “gentry.”

It’s funny for so many reasons. The first reason is that it’s so obvious, and yet some well-to-do will have the absurd audacity to deny it, or defend their position. Absurd because, who are they struggling against? Like,who, among the serfdom, cares about the sensitivities of the Baron? Go ahead and eat your mutton in peace!

But this denial is even funnier as “the elephant in the room.” I mean, we are talking about highly visible housing development – trophy houses sprouting next to tenements. Funny.

Nevertheless, those neighborhoods sucked anyway: shitty housing (as in “container”), designed for human waste, by human sanitation bureaus. Overseers building shanties for slaves. At least the mess is cleared away.

But the humans,abandoned by everyone in the world, don’t get washed down the drain, to the horror of the sanitation department.

They live on. And this is because, unlike the landed gentry, who are ultimately the true transients, the hood rats are real. They actually have a culture – the only culture there is in America.


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