mind-body THIS!

you don’t have illusions. there are NO illusions – unless the whole thing is an illusion, which is pretty conceivable. I mean, I have no problem accepting that I can ONLY perceive the world vicariously, as a by-product of my sensual perception mechanisms, combined with the cerebral mechanisms used to interpret the sensory input. it’s pretty lean and clean psycho-biology.

yet, that alone makes is complete voodoo for most of this hapless, under-educated society! science is way more mysterious to the minds of the sheeple than religion. still, if they will accept either one, they accept it wholly, blindly, without examination, and decry the other – the one they didn’t accept – as instrumentations of the devil!

then there’s the problem that both my sensory organs and my “mind”mental” interpretive mechanisms” are by-products of “accidental” training – we don’t consciously train those mechanism – because we think we can’t? or, we just don’t think… so, we have the two key players in our ability to perceive and interact with “the world”, running along as untrained, unavailable, Willy Wonka machines!

for whatever reason, I got to train my sensory tools – through painting, dance, music, etc. so, IF any accuracy is possible in these mechanisms, those training system seem to be the way one would go about achieving that accuracy.

the cerebrum, on the other hand, is problematic. training “the mind” to interpret “the body” accurately is likely impossible – because we have no idea what “accuracy” would look like. oh, we THINK we know – we say shit like “common sense”, “logical” – those are all just more systems invented by humans! they are tautological – there is no empirical test for the quality of empirical methods themselves!

maybe t’ai chi and things like that get closer at making a clean refined connection between the incoming sensory data and a clear mental interpretation of that data – not because the Asians are ALWAYS better at this kind of thing – but because the test of the combination of the mechanisms – a system! – is also possible: if you react, say, in fencing, and your reaction is effective, then you have successfully made the circuit –

1. in with the opponent’s data,
2. interpret that data and
3. formulate a response,
4. encode that response for your own psycho-biological output
5. press “go”.
6. if they are dead when you wake up, especially if they are really dead, with a pinpoint wound in the carotid artery on the neck – voila!

It really would be he same mechanism we would apply to any act of perception/reaction, even though this might not be apparent at first. But, you would have no problem if I compared fencing to, say, an argument with your spouse, right? the difference – and this IS the deal, man – is that you don’t EVER practice communicating with your spouse, do you? I mean, sign up for T’ai Chi and pay $300 a month – for absolute precision training! But, what have you ever signed up for, as far as communication training? Marriage counseling? With someone who has a 2-year certificate in “marriage counseling”, which is based on which 5000-year tradition of mind-body coordination? What a joke….


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