New Nouveau Riche

That term. nouveau-riche, is probably going to disappear soon. My guess is that it is already only nominally available to the blogosphere (which is the new word for reality).

This disappearance is due not so much to ignorance as it is to uselessness – when you become useless, you disappear. This is written in the Sociology 101 Book. On the other hand, if an old term gets a new use, it’s like a new lease on life. Let me do away with the old word first, and then publish the new one.

Long ago, almost 2 centuries ago, people didn’t work. Work is something that was invented in the 20th century. Before that, there were no classes – like working-class, middle-class: there were Rich and Poor, and Life and Death. No buffer, no education, no One. You were a slave, or not, or dead.

The Rich got rich by getting land, or killing. If you got rich by killing, you were Royalty, and you inter-married; so, no one had to work for money: it was just there, and as long as you continued to kill your enemies and milk the poor for blood, the money continued to stockpile. And I mean stockpile! I think it would be a great (second) PhD thesis for Ben Bernanke to analyze the ROI of the the Blue-Blood. I mean think of the generations of retarded imbeciles in the blue lines, who squandered what would amount to billions in modern times, and yet, successive generations just got richer and richer.

Then there are those who got Rich by getting land – usually given to them by Royalty. In the ancient history books of the 20th Century, we all knew the term “landed gentry”. This was when the term “gentleman” didn’t mean just a dude who didn’t blow his nose in his hands – it was a kind of title. Basically, the Royalty was small in numbers,addled from genetic retardation, and hence, kind of boring, and, bored. So, they “made” friends – people who got to live “at Court”, hang out, be Rich, but, God Forbid, NOT work.

Ok, so the point is, somebody, not Steve Jobs, but somebody very much like him – maybe V.I. Lenin – created this notion that anybody could be rich if they wanted to. Believe me, this was not well-accepted, even though today, the mind of the blogosphere can barely grasp anything BUT this notion of wealth. The short story is this: stupid, little people got as much money as both the Landed Gentry and the Royalty, just by working – doing shitty jobs like mining coal and drilling for oil. These people got named “nouveau-riche”, by the Rich, because they desperately wanted to exterminate them (note: if you want to exterminate something, give it a classification, a name). Didn’t work. The NR actually managed there money, willed it to their kids, the “old money” Rich died, went crazy, Communist governments (including those that called themselves Democracies) divided the un-earned land of the LG amongst the biddy Peasant-rich, and well, there you have it: Amerika!

But now, luckily, the Royalty and Landed Gentry have reappeared! Shhhhhh! The Democrats and Castes don’t know about this yet: they all live in the Matrix, where there is still Work, a Middle-Class, and American Dream, etc., etc. And right now, there is a Recession in the Matrix! Crazy! Because the Rich are having a great time – there hasn’t been even a bump in purchase of high-end and luxury items throughout this terrible recession in the Matrix. Fendi still sells tons of bags, Bently is cranking out cars, there are lots of families with 2 and 3 children, all of whom have iPads for toys. Aston Martin came out with the DB IX, in the midst of this terrible recession.

But this reality, just like in the movie, “The Matrix”, is absolutely unbelievable to the (imaginary) Middle Class and the Nouveau-Riche-Residue. This is hard to explain, but, it may just be that TV continues to be on all the time, and even the makers of TV don’t know. “Jeez. I just don’t get it! Where do people get the money? Ya know?” You don’t know. You can’t really know, because fundamental things like “money” just don’t mean what you think they mean, anymore.

Meanwhile, the New Era is booming! It’s the Market. Yes. That thing that the Matrix dwellers call Wall Street. Wall Street is like “the Mafia” – something that was really a family at one time, who headed organized crime. But now, organized crime has become simply “reality”. Reality is Business, and Business is the Market. Unlike the movie, the Matrix, the people in the battery cells are Consumers, not Producers. Probably something that could be fixed, although they actually do fuel the Market in just the right way. Consumers drive Industry, Industry goes Public, this translates into Market Instruments, and, the Real People make real money (e.g. Yen, or Yuan). The whole “Wall Street” thing was just a little slip up – a glitch in the Matrix – that spilled out into the consciousness of the blogosphere, not enough for them to really understand it, just enough for them to blog about it, and elect Barack to take care of it.

Here’s how it all ends: there are no jobs, because there is really nothing to do. Remember how work was invented by Lenin so he could convince people to revolt against the Tsar? It all sounds kind of funny now, doesn’t it: “Tsar”, “Proletariat” – c’mon. What kind of words are those? In an Industrial age, there was a great need to make things, and an attendant need for wage-slaves. The bargain was good: give your life in exchange for a car, a house and a TV. But, all that stuff is made now, or, if we need more, there is a whole new world of people who are willing to accept that old bargain – these are the people in the 3rd World (God! What happens when we run out of Worlds!?!?). These people risk their lives to cross the US Border, just to be slaves. Of course, they don’t call it “slavery” – the call it Opportunity, just like our (white) fore bearers did.

The point is, there’s no more ned for you bulky Proletariat – you don’t even know that word any more! This is naturally a very harsh reality, and, if you believed it, it would damage Consumer Confidence. Consumer Confidence is a number, not unlike the number in horse racing, that raises or lowers “the odds”, and, consequently, “the payout”. So, a Recession, and a guy like Obama, provided an easy out: oops! lost your jobs because of China! The Recession! Oil Prices! But really, your “job” was just kind of a waste of time – a hangover from a time not so long ago, but, you know, stuff moves way faster than you think.

You’re not going to get your job back. The detail are not clear, because, there is the little detail that the Market, as is is currently designed, needs Consumers, and Consumers need (to believe that they have) money. Currently, Matrix Consumers are under the impression that Money is made through Work. Probably something real people could work with, until the Big Solution comes through. But not these really ridiculous jobs of the past, that produce nothing! Like office jobs – totally imaginary. Automation is so far beyond the mind of the blogosphere that it almost hurts to think about it. For someone to pay for an entire imaginary Human Life – I mean, Cradle-to-Grave, with Kids and College and Self-fulfillment – all because you what? Show up to a cubicle and sit at a desk? Wow. Your weed is cracky!

Services, however, are still quite necessary. Oh yeah. There’s still plenty of dust, and dirt, and small dogs produce a lot of hair. Plus, good food requires preparation and serving. And then there’s still a lot of garbage to get rid of.

This could go on, but it would be too depressing. For example, education really only produces Consumers – the idea of an “intellectual” belongs to the lost generations of the Landed Gentry. We need Content Providers (you know, in corporate computing, we actually use that term! This is, yo, kind of real!). But basically, none of the youth seems to be able to get on board with the kinds of work and discipline it requires to learn languages and musical instruments. So, the rest of knowledge transfer can be done so much better through a desktop interface.

I have to stop now. This is really out of hand. The basic message is: be happy! Everything will work itself out, as it always has. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it – no one ever did, did they? For sure, the TV will stay on, and your device will have plenty of content for when you are bored. The Republicans, as you call them, won’t take over, because something infinitely worse has already taken over, while you were sleeping, and this Thing doesn’t want some weird tea party shit any more than you do! Now, they ARE formidable, the Republicans, because they retain something very rare – heart and soul! yeah. These guys have Faith and Hope, and they are crazy-willing to fight for it! But the godless,s sexless, indignant, self-righteous Mass is a pretty powerful antidote. So far, the Rulers have been able to just sit back and watch the Left and Right duke it out. I mean, look how easy it was to let the left wing actually kill and kill again, when the religious fervor of the Mohammedans threatened to interrupt Steve Jobs’ plans! Wow. Bill Clinton throws out the term “regime change”, and suddenly a Stealth Bomber is aimed at Osama’s head! Then,Obama sent Navy Seals to smoke that bastard! No doubt the Republicans would face the same demise, if they got too cocky, too religious, too weird.

To recap:
1) the world is “ruled” by a third party, that isn’t in your book. They are not really into “ruling” – their kind of autonomic, in that their only goal is to make more money, and then re-invest that money in money-making opportunities.
2) If you are white and American, you should become a sommelier soon. Everybody else is already busy working at jobs that the world needs. You’re a little behind.
3) Money is a notion: it equivalent to “buying power”. Buying means paying for a thing, like a helicopter, for example, not a Starbucks, outright, not “on time”.
4) The United States will not go away. It will become something like Disneyworld, where there are people on endless vacation, and then “cast members”.
5) Don’t believe me! I mean, you liked that book, “Fight Club”, didn’t you? It’s kind of the same idea. The only thing I am saying different is that – it’s real! You are the movie.


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