TiVoMan, ManApp

In earlier days of cable TV, they worried about “availability” – God forbid you should have to plan your schedule around someone else’s notion of “the right time” for the show that would fulfill you (for now). TiVo wasn’t a response to this need – TiVo caused the need. The iPhone taught us to get instant gratification from our needs, whatever they might be.

The gray area, or the “steve-jobs-phrase”, at this stage is that, not everything can be provided by an App. Once again, though, it’s not that we lack the technology to meet human desires and needs, but rather that humans needs and desires are just to complicated anyway.

Men, for example. A woman doesn’t really need or even desire a full Man-thing, with his smelly ass, his insatiable hunger, more for food and blood than for sex, although it’s not a bad sub when you can’t get war. This kind of crazy, instinct-fueled needs matrix is just too much for Woman, who has reasonable needs, at reasonable times, or else, hysteria, every once in awhile. But hysteria doesn’t hold a candle to the testosterone wand, when it comes to right here, right now, and I-don’t-know-what-I-really want.

Obviously, there’s no need to simplify the Man – just give him something to keep him occupied, which is something like internet porn. The Woman needs a Cyber Man, or, better, TiVoMan. Simple: set to record; then, play back when you can curl up with a nice glass of wine – Merlot, say – in some comfy booties.


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