The United States Governement is working as It Should!

Yes. As it was intended.  How clever those Founding Fathers were!  They embedded into these United States in indelible, discrete system of government,  No matter how may weak-minded, simple-minded Americans try to undermine this system with more rules and more laws  and more amendments to those rules and laws, they will always fail!

Back then, we had two bloody revolutions against a King.  Many lives were lost, and many friends of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and more and more Freedom Fighters who gave everything to AVOID A STRONG CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and to see to it, by their genius in crafting a discrete Constitution, that the central government would NEVER succeed in becoming powerful over the States – the United States…united in the principles of diversity and disagreement,

This is the system of “checks and balances” you may remember from your brief single semester of American Governement – the bare minimum to call yourself a well-rounded Citizen.  (Thomas Jefferson tried to invent a thing called the Public School System, to created better American Citizens, but he was not smart enough to counter the dummies, and it has failed.)

So, Congress attempts to formulate laws, based on the wishes of their diverse constituencies (the States).  There was never any intention that agreement between the Sovereign States would be convenient or even possible!  On the contrary!  By design, the sovereignty of each State was to be sacrosanct in indomitable by the Central Government, lest the Grand Experiment in Democracy perish at the hands of the simple minded peasants who wanted a mommy and daddy to make their decisions for them, and then take the blame for those decisions when they failed.

Not so, the intentions of the Grand Thinkers of a by-gone era!  Struggle is at the heart of discernment! And, by God, if there is no agreement, then there will be no law – because all the People do not agree!  Ever heard of “demos” – “the People”?

And so, even if the Congress can piece together a piecemeal agreement, a President, as a Representative of the United States to other World Nations, can veto it – which is an indication that such a law is not in the best interests of the United States as a Nation among Nations.  It is not the job of the President to tell the States what to do, or how to do it!  It is not in the Constitution for the President to tell the Sates (i.e. the Congress of the United States) what to do, or how to do it!  That would be Tyranny!  And We died for that!

No, the most difficult word for all Americans to swallow is “We”. Americans prefer “us” and “them”.

But the Founding Fathers suspected the petty stupidity of the nation to follow, and guarded against it with Checks and Balances, the last of which is the Judiciary, which will judge the Constitutionality of the Laws passed by the States (Congress) and singed by the President.

And now, lo and behold, the Judiciary is judging one of the central tenets of Obamacare to be unconstitutional – just as they should!  Yes, Federal Judge Roger Vinson  ruled the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. The ruling favors of the 26 state attorney generals challenging the law. The judge ruled the individual mandate that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance invalid and, according to the decision, “because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire Act must be declared void.”



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