I will not leave

I will not leave. How can I surrender my country to insane ghouls and watch from a safe distance as it dies.

– Ilya Klishin

Russians are so much like Americans, in so many ways. One of these is whining, although I give Russians the win on this. I’m pretty sure my pal Pelyevin would agree. But for those who don’t know Russia, it’s not like you think. We love the whiney Russians.

The difference is Americans don’t leave, don’t find ways around unjust laws if they stay. Americans just whine. And do nothing.

My message to both is “it’s your fucking country! You made it this way, or you let it get this way. ”

What I say has no effect. Nothing will have an effect except the inevitable landslide – the Fall of the Roman Empire.

And I think Canada will arise victorious out of it all. That’s where everybody is headed. They have opened their doors unlike any other country for decades.


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