Vignettes from the Candelwood snooze tomb

Vignettes from the Candelwood snooze tomb

by Kameron Cole, Candlewood Suites, Room 233. December 2011.

capped on either end by  minor harp arpeggios
this somnolent snooze capsule is a container, but also
a frame,
yes, frames
contain the art, framing  the statement discrete,
making integrity possible.
combining, then, elements of the sordid bed chambers – a dark green motel carpet filled
with lost Midwestern ambition to half-wake,
stale air, clung from the cage within,
withal, is a desire to remain half-asleep
to sleep a-full would surely be death.
within the snooze-frame I can build a dream poem,
composed only of eyes and sound
no sight, only vision,cotton-wadded:
blindfolded by the cloak of the pre-dawn,
am awake but alas not.
I compose, and am pleased, but can not repeat the performance. it is so papery without the snooze.
people would accuse me of performing water.


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