the trouble with you

it all started as a test – to see if I could post from an email. but it’s gone beyond that, now.

this is one of those days when I wake up an realize that I have a lot to offer, and I do offer it. I suffered some self-esteem hits in the past, oh, lifetime. and it always gets set up in the same way.

1) people with their own ego issues encounter me; they feel threatened.

2) they advise me to scale back, tone down; they tell me that I have a tendency to be overbearing, to interrupt people, and to press the point than I am smarter than everyone else

3) I believe them. this is where it breaks down. I fail myself, because I know myself. I am very easily willing to concede that I can be arrogant, stubborn, etc.

but guess what. I’m not arrogant. that’s a misinterpretation. I am a servant of knowledge and the empirical method, as catalysts for positive change. no bullshit. really.

my “attitude”, then, comes from people that block that change, or take too long. therein lies my personality issue. because I am impatient – too impatient – YES! A flaw! if I have something worked out, and I hear you going down the SAME path – don’t worry – I can and gladly will distinguish between that, and a similar path, with may lead both me and you to new insights. Intolerant, yes another flaw. But only to a degree, and, not your mother’s intolerance.

there is a point in every logical progression, whereat the conclusion is inevitable. if I see that point, I’m going to cut you off right away, if the point you are trying to make has already been made. same goes for the case where you begin your path with an erroneous assumption about me,or about something which has a substantial body of evidence in contradiction – and start a long winded treatise on a “truth” you will arrive at from that erroneous starting point. at which point you will say, “See?” A lot of work and time for everyone who is hanging off the cliff.

there is a time for sharing, a time for caring, a time for learning, and a time for daring. please look up at the clock, and find out what time it is.


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