face mesh – rant about facebook

good morning. you have found me, Kameron Cole, at my most vulnerable. I have made the choice to expose my thoughts and opinions to the public, and here they are – my ideas, my babies, my frustrations, my creations?

now, who are you? friend or foe? this is not for me to choose, per our agreement – the agreement mentioned above, that you are the public, and I have chosen to expose. I here now extend our agreement: I choose to share my ideas and my thoughts. sharing is tacit caring. it means I have something of value – of course, I have made the valuation: you may not like my lutefisk – but I open my container, and make a gesture of offering.

I’m getting at the nature of my view on putting it out there: I think that unwittingly applying the rules (or absolute lack thereof) of consumerism to the presentation of one’s own ideas has devalued the quality of contemplation: think before you respond. maybe, don’t respond, at least outwardly! when you view a painting of Van Gogh, do you call him? do you write your immediate impressions on the surface of his painting? or, do you write your impressions in a song? or, do you carry your impressions with, as part of a newly painted visual template, which you apply the next time you see something, anything, when in your mind you say, “that reminds me of that Van Gogh painting.”

because I am exposed. because I am sharing. these set the stage for your decorum. I am not Van Gogh. perhaps there is a cut off point, based on your valuation of a person’s level of artistry, and hence, worth, that gives you the right to use this as a forum, instead of a chapel.

remember that social networking is actually a scheme, a marketing ploy, to drive visitors to pages, and get them to link to those pages! because more links makes better analytics (usage trending), and better analytics, presented to advertisers, cuts bigger checks. don’t be a consumer index!

because you do want to give your opinion. you want to be heard. your voice rise above the madding crowd. of course you do. everyone does. why do you see the destitute people on the street talking out loud? sometimes yelling! yelling at you, or shking their fists to the heavens?!?! because no one will listen.

this is a powerful marketing tool. goes beyond Mark Zuckerberg’s original intention of getting people to publicly rate girls’ pictures against each other, thereby publicly ridiculing them (Face Mesh: watch the movie!), or his later idea of webifying the college social scene. but, not much farther.


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