Morsi Is Sworn In as President of Egypt –

Morsi Is Sworn In as President of Egypt –

fascinating, no?  the result of Arab Spring – the ousting of Mbarek the militarist, results in this democracy  – a nation with a radial Islamist ruling party, albeit democratically elected, but clearly with the need to be backed by the military (these guys have never done government before – they will need help).

not being cynical here – I am drawing your attention to the fact that democracy is “by the people”, and the people just might elect a very sectarian ruler.  it does not mean that they have cheated – it means, really, that the majority of people in this country are aligned with the elected ideology.

I think that in Amerika, people get confused: in their childish view, they equate “democracy”  with something more along the lines of republic – that each faction/interest will be equally represented.  but in fact, democracy ir rule by the majority, and so, the “minority” is simply the side that did not get elected, and, they will suffer.

I’ve always drawn attention to the fact that Amerika was designed to be a republic, and its certainly ha all the trappings of one – especially the Electoral College – which people misunderstand and hate. But I now realize that the republican components are simply not working. And thus, we a ruled by the masses, by mass opinion, and, unfortunately, by tools of mass dysinformation, like sloganeering and propaganda.


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