Love. What the hell do you mean?

My great friend and mentor, Jeff Smith, once said “I wonder just what other people mean when they say ‘I love you. ‘ because it has nothing to do with what I mean when I say it. ”

I was in Japan, freshly broken (up). Jeff had been deeply in love with this girl, and se with him. Or so it seemed every time I saw them.

He got her pregnant (not so sure it was him ). She kept the baby and broke up with him, pretty quick. She put a restraining order on him , pretty quick. Her mom was a judge. At this juncture he said to me ” this makes me a sperm donor. We aren’t boyfriends anymore. Men are the sperm donor on the relationship.

How many times has the
Modern woman slapped a restraining order on her man? It’s pretty common. Oh and jot on the cases where it is truly necessary – those poor women never make it to he restraining order. No, it’s just an awesome mechanism for control, which makes a controller very happy.

What inspire supposed to feel like ? After the short stint of wonder, does it just become inconvenient.?

Sperm donor. Restraining order. Love is gotten weird.


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