Page of Cups/ Princess of Cups

The Page of Cups represents the activity necessary to become a King of Cups! The Page is dynamically loving and demonstrates (unconsciously perhaps) how he/she likes to be Rider-Waite Page of Cupstreated by others.
The only ‘problem’ with the Page is that loving is a two way street so the Page needs to learn to receive love also (for balance and nourishment).

I’ve also read:


also a young man who is unfortunate in love.In the Crowley Thoth Deck, it is a Princess, not  a Page:

The character of the Princess is infinitely gracious. All sweetness, all voluptuousness, gentleness, kindness and tenderness are in her character. She lives in the world of Romance, in the perpetual dream of rapture. On a superficial examination she might be thought selfish and indolent, but this is a quite false impression; silently and effortlessly Book of Thoth Princess of Cupsshe goes about her work.

In the Yi King, the earthy part of Water is represented by the 41st Hexagram, Sun. This means diminution, the dissolution of all solidity. People described by this card are very dependent on others, but at the same time helpful to them. Rarely, at the best, are they of individual importance. As helpmeets, they are unsurpassed.


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