Do Unto Others

so bored, aren’t we, with that old saw: “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  what makes this so tiring is that – it’s too easy, because all the power is in the doers hands.  in other words, it’s just an admonition, like, “don’t smoke” or “sit up straight.”  we all know that it’s right and true – but who wants to lead a life of truth and righteousness in this generation?  I mean, what do I get from treating people right?  satisfaction i the knowledge that I will go to heaven?
I’m being cynical.  I’ve decided to say “cynical” from now on – I used to try to avoid that, although many people accused me of it.  I’m good with cynicism right now.  people are full of shit, have no integrity, fail at any kind of sincerity.  good reason for cynicism.
but the problem with the Jesus quote is that it needs turning around, so that it is understandable by the current generations.  it needs to read, “others will do unto you just like you did unto them.” and then add a generational tag like, “right?”

the subtle difference is probably best illustrated by a parable: this girl abandoned this guy and he got angry at her. (it is a short parable).  now, this may not make sense to you.  you have to have experienced the surprise that a lot of people show now when, after they do their deeds and spout their shit, the other person actually reacts negatively. maybe the old “you can dish it out but you can’t take it” is a better paraphrase.

the end result is that when you break many peoples’ trust, no one trusts you.  seems too obvious, I know, but I hear people say all the time, “jeez. I wonder why he doesn’t call me?”  or, “I wonder why my kids don’t want to communicate with me?”  nothing to wonder.  no mystery.  you are reaping what you have sown.

what Jesus was saying is, “it’s not them, stupid.  it’s you. you engender the emotions around you.” it’s not that people suck.  it’s that you suck. but our culture is so engrained with the American modus of “as long as you don’t get caught…it never happened.” what’s funny is, as the culture has become more and more abdicative, believing that they are getting away with murder, simultaneously, the same society has gotten very perceptive. so, the end result is, we are are all naked, and everybody knows it but we, ourselves.

you have to have integrity, and you have to have tested yourself.  it’s not subtle: if you come into a Ju-Jitsu match and you’ve never tried Ju-Jitsu, you will be hurt.  Likewise, if you abdicate in every relationship, you will be generally distrusted, and that feeling is a clammy one. Think before doing things.  Think it through. Only if you have never done that thing successfully before, or have some proof that you have the wherewithal to carry yourself through. Because if you continue to leave bloody messes, people will notice.


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