we beat cancer!

this was you

I thought once, that I would bury you. weep at your grave.

now, it is I who must be buried. but you didn’t stay for that part.

but we did beat it together!  we did it, side by side, and there was magic and there was love – and it was those things, and not the witch doctors, who brought you back to life.

it was a door I thought to open for you. among other doors. in the back of my mind, I knew that once you saw the open doors, you might just walk out. that was something I knew.

so, today, on the day I died, I hung pictures of you everywhere! I played your Anthems, again and again. they began as songs, then changed to messages. but at my funeral, they will be just anthems. no one actually knows the words, or any of the people who died, for which the anthem now alone stands.


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