The meaning of a quote from Wuthering Heights?

“If All Else Perished, and He Remained, I Should Still Continue to be; and If All Else Remained, and He Were Annihilated, the Universe Would Turn to a Mighty Stranger: I Should Not Seem a Part of It.”

What does she mean when she says the part “…the universe would turn into a mighty stranger..” ???

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

If he were gone, she wouldn’t be able to find her place in the world anymore, because he is her home and her heart. It’s like when something really bad happens, someone you love dies, and you expect the sun to stop shining and the world to stop turning, but life goes on for other people. For Cathy, her world would stop if he died. The sun shining would seem wrong and foreign. Life would become a stranger to her because her reason for living was gone.

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