Temple Grandin – A Girl I Could Understand

Temple Grandin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

She has been a model for me.  I don’t have autism.  If anything, many of my traits are the exact opposite of hers.

She can be touched; I can’t live without touch (okay, I DID have a little problem with touching as a kid; will give this one a 90%).

She listens, doesn’t speak; I blow that one, way!
She can’t handle much sensory information; my board is wired for deep bass!


But the main thing is – we are both social freaks!  We are not like the rest, even though at first it makes ’em jealous!  oh how silly!  You bitches do NOT want to be real freaks!

And then, maintaining her full freakhood, she makes it bit time!  She does it her way, and her way is weird.  But due to her management of her freakiness and handling of the “cattle” around her, she showed them all her incredible value.

And so it is with me:  I show up at high-power corporate meetings with facial tattoos and crazy hair.  And worse, I say crazy shit!  But they respect me for what I say and do.

Where we both failed was in love.  Temple Grandin gets off the hook by attributing here completely empty personal life to her autism.  I can’t play that card. I just eat people alive.  I go deep, only. No time to eff around.  Just eff.

Try watching Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into the Brain (German movie, 2006).  It’s better than reading Oliver Sacks (tired of him), or watching the pop movies.


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