Can’t lie

And I am lying. People try to talk me into being interested in all the things I’m interested in. And I try to play along. But midway through the conversation, I sigh.  When I say I don’t care these days, it has a very strong flavor. Metalic. Battery acid. I don’t care.
About what music you listen to.
Whether you know anything, about anything.
About literature.
About family.
About compassion.
About whether my behavior was just or consitant, with anyone (except that one girl)
I’m not going to find it.  I guess I found it, and threw it away, or something. Or cooked it and ate it.  Because all th things that people say they are looking for, I recognize, kind of dully.  If I do respond, I say “you won’t really get a lot of fulfillment out of that.” So, I’m keeing mostly to myself these days.  I want you all to have a good time.


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