Hafiz – Why You Stare at the Mountain

Why You Stare at the Mountain

What does real love do? It stills the longing, for real
love is crowned, and then all become its willing slave.

Love creates a home wherever it is. Love is really
never in want. True love is always in a state of found.

Homeless one is, whenever the heart is not alive.
Realizing that, I sing the way I do. A bird’s melody
can grant a pardon to vision that is obstructed.

I know why you stare at the mountain’s beauty,
for she reminds you of something vital in your self.
And natural desires to explore her heights are just
there to help you reach your own summit.

Once, while I was looking at the sky, it spoke, saying,
“Hafiz, I am surprised at your admiration for me,
for dear you are my root. With a ruby in your purse
why wish to hold a clay coin?”

I like this poem, its weave. It is a basket where
something has been placed for you. Read this again,
slowly, it may become more revealed.

A problem has arisen. I can’t leave right now, you
feel too close. Do you mind if we kiss for an hour?

—Hafiz, trans. Daniel Ladinsky, or Daniel Ladinsky, trans. Hafiz
(source: Suj & Google Books)


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