Let no man drive asunder

Sounds brutal , doesn’t it? That phrase “drive asunder “? In fact there are many breakups and divorces that are savage painful. I am not referring to anything so mundane as physical battery here. I am saying that a true love will not break. And will not break. If it is true you have to crack and splinter the bone first. You must twist and grimace. When you have succeeded in shredding the muscle and even chipping away at the bone there will still be a miraculous stead of sinew hanging on ferociously.

Because it is simply not possible for a human to undo what God has done. And so it is never really true that lovers have broken up. They can not.

This is not mystical. You simply have to think deeply about a couple you know, who broke up brutally. And we all know such couples. It is the norm is it not?

And now O am just suggesting that we look at the situation differently. That we must pay attention to love when it is given.


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