doubt and disdain are the poisons

the only poisons that can kill love. and they originate in the “killer”, not the victim. you know that moment? something literally drops, like and elevator, inside you, when you feel that doubt. if you want the love to live (and you do, dumbass!) you need to cure the doubt with thoughts of love and perfection.

but when you hit disdain, the love is dead.  it’s instant. the sad part, it’s not the person whom you disdain who causes the disdain: it’s you, only you, and your stupid ego.  the love of the self supersedes the love of others – this is what makes you a human, but prevents you from being an “über human.”

the one is natural: the prime directive in all animals is kill or be kill, and the second is like unto it: procreate your species. so, killing and fucking are the low bar, and, pretty much pervasive throughout the world.

the next step – and there is only one – is up: love your neighbor as yourself. this contains all the permutations you have heard – we are all one; we are all connected, etc.  but I want to go deeper: not connected – we are the same person. think about it: the bad feeling that comes from despising someone, is a bad feeling about yourself!  double bad.

there is no natural cure – you must address the spirit, to clean it out.  you must consciously look at that person, and concentrate – like they teach you in Yoga – and dredge up the buried feeling of love – right at that moment!  because the poison of disdain works rapidly, and the love will die in you, like a dead fetus, and rot.


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