the wind of the sea

“Wind of the Sea” – by Kameron Cole

inspired by Canción de Granada y el mar, por Pablo Antonio Cuadra


if you see a beggar in your dreams,

carrying a tin lantern, it is me.

in the wind of the lake,

I long for the wind of the sea.

the hand is concealed, the lantern seems

to float, at the sleeve’s cuff.

as though there were no hand, had been torn off,

trying to cling to the sea.

to this sea, which now occupies my mind, night

and day.  the conversation has become intimate

in a way that is not really joyous, but intense.

the hold your gaze has upon me, I almost long for you

to speak, to break

the intensity of our silent intimacy.

there. I meant to kiss you again, but


your sound

your most sustained whispering,

reminds me of the sadness I feel

when you go out, seem to go away.

and when you come back,

you have changed.



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