gave up the ghost

May 20th

A Year With Hafiz
“Asking for the Hand of Marriage”

When someone becomes quiet in this world,
really quiet, those who aren’t may turn to
them, even from behind a wall or from a great

It is like a touch they, the unstill, wanted…
a touch that can come from the invisible, come
from an intimate region of the benevolent spirit
in someone in true peace.

Unknown to most, one asks for the hand of
marriage wherever their gaze falls.

I have to stop myself here; sometimes I just
cannot help but to cheer something that
has never quite been put in words before, as
that last line…about a “marriage” we always

That is all I can say now. If there is something
in your mind obstructing your vision, let
someone who can see…read all this to you.

The sunflower’s heart is not detectable to most,
but you know what it does. It so gladly turns,
offering its body toward its lover–the sun
all day long.


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