What if doubt and faith really comprise the entirety of all power available to us humans. And like a mix of ethanol and rocket fuel, whether we fly or just row, is dependent solely upon the proportions?

Surely you’ve been in the situation where you are trying to attain some new cool skill, like handstand, for example. But you simply can’t do it. You see your teacher floating up into space with ease, and she says to you something like “just trust yourself “. That is, she doesn’t say something you think she should say, like, “move your hands farther back. “. No. She says some mystical new-age thing, which can not possibly be the actual secret that will enable you to do something which is physical magic This isn’t Harry Potter.

How about those really hard times in life, that will surely kill you or at least send you to the pill bottles? You think, ” I am putting all I have into this. It has to be enough. I don’t have any more. “. But then, surprise. It does require more – a lot more. And, you really don’t seem to have it. There is even a period of touch and go, maybe a long passage, where you seemingly are NOT making it.
Then  finally, when you emerge on the other side, you have been schooled. You were lucky enough to receive an opportunity in this life to see just how little you are dong with your power. You can remember thinking, if you take the time to look back,that you were certain your bones were breaking. And it was true! – at the time. You could not move your feet. Professionals told you you were not going to make it.  Friends shook their heads, and told you to get give it up, focus on something within your grasp. But, if you were able to listen only to your inner voice, and continue on “stupidly”, with blind faith, it turned out that you actually grew a stronger pair of legs, a bigger heart.

If this hasn’t happened to you, then you do not have all the information you need. You have not tapped your faith, have not seen the living rise from the dead.

But if you have, when you encounter someone else who is entering the passage you have just left, you see the whole thing, with eyes that are similar  to the eyes of God, who has the ultimate faith. And you want to tell that person the great truth. But, they can’t hear you.

So my question is this: if it is just a question of the depth, quality, and intensity of the faith you put into a thing, that gives you power over it, then how can you be sure that in those times when “faith has failed you” it was really just that YOU did not wrack your soul enough, to really really believe ?
You know ?
When the Krsna followers try to levitate the roof of a building. When the Power of Prayer people pray all night and day to save the life of a child. And the roof just sits there. And the child just dies, like all children who die. Is it because it’s all just bullshit? People just die. Roofs do not levitate.

Could you really jump off a cliff, and have angels catch you, lest you dash your foot on a rock. if you had enough faith?  I mean, imagine having a lot more faith.  Enlarge your belief, and imagine that you could believe much much harder.  Just for one moment, will yourself into believing that you just haven’t come close to the faith you would need to jump off the cliff –  a real cliff – and survive, but that such a thing is truly possible.  Let yourself feel that belief for just a moment.

But don’t jump!  Not yet.  You don’t have it, yet.  You will need to open your heart and mind yet a million miles wider, before you can begin to feel the cushion of air beneath your feet. And you will not find it through drugs – thye all try to fly, within just of few hours of taking the drug, and fail.
How can you be sure? I mean, so sure that you are willing to post your own life as collateral? But then, how can anyone say they have ever tried hard enough to levitate, if they have not levitated? And how, when that little boy lay in a coma, how can you be sure, you of so little faith, that all scientific discoveries have already been made, that all attempts at world  peace have been exhausted , and that you have heard and seen all there is?

What tragic ignorance, cloaked in arrogance.


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