Money Flows With Refugees – the Good of Capitalism

“Money Flows With Refugees” – suspend your blind faith in a belief you did not come to on your own! Capitalism solves problems that neither Liberals, Leftists, nor even Capitalists can solve!

It’s really simple – the is a kind of spontaneous generation of solutions in the social organism: “necessity is the Mother of invention.” But really, what does that mean?

It means that while no large nations of the world were ready to step forward to provide the means for refugees to find safe passage to new homes, smugglers and pirates – the world’s oldest capitalists – could easily provide these services.  In return, they don’t require allegiance to a religious or political doctrine – they just want your money.

And there is the other side of the coin – the “refugees” in this case, are not some impoverished band of peasants. Instead, many of them are affluent (enough) to pay for their freedom themselves!  No need to ask the United States for a handout – they had the money all along to direct their own futures.  They just weren’t that committed to taking the responsibility into their own hands.

And how do I know this? Well, just look for yourself!  There it is, in black and white (pixels): there is a booming business in Turkey, fueled by someone ?!?  Guess it must be the refugees.

Why is that hard to accept?  I guess we would prefer refugees to be weak, helpless victims of totalitarian warplay.  And you betcha – there are plenty of those refugees!  I am not making a generalization about refugees here.

What I am pointing out is that those who CAN take care of themselves need a little push, and then the WILL take care of themselves – which then leaves the real refugees – the poor, the destitute – to be cared for through Love and Charity. Because we can’t carry everyone (everyone doesn’t need carrying).

The “push” these people needed was only money.  Maybe that is the push the Great and Mighty Government powers need too?! But in truth, the many, many such situations in the world – micro- (as opposed to macro – , i.e. not “small”) struggles for autonomy, that lead to some sacrifice, are best handled by local resources – the “village”, of Hilary Clinton, only “village” is far too naive a term. Something an affluent Eastern Seaboard baby would come up with.

The agents of social change are transient, created at the moment when the need and the resources are brought together. You don’t even need to know your helpers, and, they may even cheat and stab you sometimes!  Like real elves and fairies!

But you know, the faery tale has changed a bit – or rather, returned to the original Grimm version.

Source: Money Flows With Refugees, and Life Jackets Fill the Shops – The New York Times


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