This is about a giant Schnauser. I mean like a human dressed as a dog. Black. 

We are in the CVS, which led me to the sign on his little jacket , Service Dog. 

His owner was a Marine, about my age. Puts him around Desert Storm? His pile of medicines puts him around Agent Orange. So maybe he was 20. He paid for everything with his drivers license. 

He was Black, but not like his dog. This guy had evolved into  a big round brown bear. Probably called him Bear back in the war. But we don’t know his name. We know his dogs name. 

Bruce. He said it once per minute on the pretense of demonstrating the peecision disincline of this giant Service Animal. Not. 

Bruce doesn’t do shit. Bruce gets oatmeal baths from his groomer each weak. The main command is “Bruce say Hi”, at which Bruce stands up at his full height of 6 ‘ 2″ and puts his paws either a person or the Pharmacy counter. 

But his main trick is hugging his master the Bear, for which he is rewarded by the inane question “Do you love me?”


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