I’m sorry but the revolution you have dialed is no longer in service

this is a shout out to my new friends in the Traveler scene – you’re standing still, doing nothing.  and I need you, we all need you, to stop sucking air. we all need you to do that which needs to be done now. let me explain.

dressing in hippie rags, jamming the d chord, living on the street, has all been done.  it cannot be done again, at least not in the same context it was done by the hippies in the 60’s, or, the way Woodie Guthrie did it, or , the context that was applied to any of the countless movements from the past, in the United States, which contained the element of social diaspora.

what I mean by “done” is this: the Hegelian Dialectic.  It goes, thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  In terms of the 60’s, the restless youth met the status quo as thesis and antithesis.  Then, they merged. Yes, that’s the secret – there was no winner, and no one came out unscathed.  And what the synthesis is, in your face, right now, is yoga gentrification in Washington DC, it’s Whole Foods, that does indeed brings you vegan butter any day of weeks, but also ass rapes you and the People of America on the way out the door, with dense ties to markets share and Wall Street.  Do you see?  It was a synthesis, which means the hippies did not disappear.  It was not a failed experiment that you all need to do again – because it cannot be done again.

If you listen Gil Scott Heron today, you are wasting time.  Because if the Black Panthers marched onto the steps of the White House today with guns, it would be STUPID, right?  Because the President of the United States is Black, and so is his entire family!  Likewise, we don’t listen to James Brown sing about a “Funky President”. Not exactly for the same reason as Gil Scott Heron, but for the same reason as Whole Foods.  Obama is neither the thesis, nor the antithesis: he is a synthesis. That’s right: he’s not just Black; he’s White too.  That’s how it turned out.  The hard thing to see is that, once the Dialectic has run, you can’t run it again because your rally want Nihilism or something.

So back to you guys.  The revolution that is available now is not on the streets of Portland.  Instead, it is on the streets of Mumbai.  Actually, it is in the business colleges of Mumbai.  yes, the revolution that you could take part in is way out there – not in here.  It is in the World, not Haight-Asbury. And here’s the cool thing: it DOES take your traveler skill. What you need to do, instead of drop out and turn in, is to get your IBMA at an Indian University, (because their language of study is English and they are  concurrent, not latent).  Weird, right?  Wow, that’s not as cool as having dreads and listening to Marley. But look, all this  will require that you be able to smoke the chillum before class, and then ride your twin cycle through the streets of Mumbai, whiffing the vanilla smell of brown heroin. And then you need to visualize the Real World, which is this cyberspace concept that rules the minds of all people, but they are unaware.  Do you see this, the new On the Road?  The new Baba Ram Das?  It is so much higher, faster, farther.  Get on it!

Because what you are doing is not hypothesis versus thesis: it’s the past versus the future, and that is actually not a real “battle”, right?  Because no matter what you’ve read, the past ceases to exist immediately. The present is inconceivable, only feel-able.  And so what really exists is a future continuum. There is no such thing as living in the past. Revolution means full circle. YOU ARE STANDING STILL.

Yes.  We don’t need for you to re-enact the 60’s, to relearn how to bop, to deepen your consciousness with acid. Really, it’s kind of like watching Star Wars again.


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